The Better Booty Yoga Workout


Stop your squats and lunges (temporarily!) because it’s time to switch up your glute workout for a bit. While there are tons of great exercises that target your glutes, including those tried-and-true moves, we bet you haven’t considered one very specific type of exercise: yoga. You might think of yoga as a great way to stretch, shake off aches and pains, or simply relax. But the truth is that yoga can be a challenging way to tone and define all your muscles, and by focusing on certain poses you can define different areas with ease. By holding poses like crescent lunge or warrior, you put tension on the glute and leg muscles, making them stronger and more defined. (Have you ever seen a yoga teacher with a flabby bottom? We didn’t think so.) Read on to learn more about the booty-building magic of yoga and then try our butt-kicking yoga sequence below.

Yoga might not be the first thing you consider when trying to build a better butt, but it’s one of the best ways to sculpt and define your derriere. Yoga essentially utilizes isometric holds in order to build muscle strength and endurance. Isometric training has long been used by experts who know that holding challenging positions (think a plank or deep squat) puts the muscles under tension and resistance to ultimately make them stronger. But this is not a new phenomenon. It’s been happening in yoga for a very long time. Many yoga practitioners have given up other forms of weight training and rely solely on the strengthening benefits achieved in yoga, using just their own bodyweight.

The benefit of this is that a yoga workout can be done anywhere, at anytime, with basically zero equipment except a yoga mat or soft surface. Ready to tighten and tone that booty? Then roll out your yoga mat and let’s get started.


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